Christmas Market Lady

First street walk in a long time. I actually underestimated the packed city, so I ran through a slightly smaller Christmas market, trying to escape the stressful shopping crowd.



Step down

It is always worth taking a picture from underneath the big staircases at ‚Wandelhalle‘ (central station). The silhouettes of people walking down in combination with the dirty plexiglas(?) can result in a nice grungy high contrast look.


Walking down the streets, I already noticed that fella outside a cafe from far distance. He was intensely looking through some paperwork, which would have made a perfect shot imo. With no time to waste I sneaked up on him. Just by the time I raised the camera to my eye, he put his head up. Damnit – caught in the act again! Well, something you have to consider shooting street :)

What time is it?

Yet again I went to the harbour looking out for some nice candid street shots. At the sightseeing bus stop I saw this slighty confused gentleman on the phone. While stepping closer, I realized he was talking to the sightseeing company, beeing irritated by the departure times.

Hope they didn’t let you down and you had enjoyed your ride, buddy! ;)